Confused about how much water your plant needs?

Confused about how much water your plant needs?

We know it is not easy!! All plants need some basic things; light, water and nutrients. Have you ever seen your plant 'turning' and the first thought is to water it? Only to find that it ends up looking even worse!  Sometimes over-watering can do as much damage as under-watering. Generally, our indoor plants need to dry out a little between watering, and it is often hard to judge when it is the right time to water. Here at Elsk we have two products that we use for all of our indoor plant installations, and will turn any novice gardener into a green thumb!

  1.  Mr Kitly Self-watering pot

These pots take the guess work out of watering, the pot does all of the work! Lightweight, colourful and easy to use. Add water by filling the waterwell at the base of the pot and the plant draws up the water as needed via the potting mix. Several colours and sizes are available to suit many different plants. 

   2.  MoistureMatic self-watering device:

MoistureMatic is an automatic pot plant watering system, that allows mostly weekly some cases fortnightly or monthly watering!

This little device fits nicely onto the side of you pot plant, using a wick to transfer water from the reservoir to the potting mix. This ensures consistent moisture levels to optimise healthy foliage and plant growth. This is a saviour for any indoor plants!

BPA - free!

This device will fit pots with rim width up to 3cm. For large pots, or high water use applications, two devices may be needed. 


Anyone can become a green thumb with the right tools. Try a Mr Kitly pot or moisturematic today. And as always, please get in touch if you need any help

Jacinta x

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