Plant of the month + Sale Time!!

Plant of the month + Sale Time!!


To celebrate the launch of our new range of planters, we are offering our Tribe 25% off purchase of two or more pots *

The Digby pot (left) are made from stoneware and are hand finished with a ‘sand-point’ glaze. The beautiful textured surface is interesting and unique, no two pots are the same.

The Birdie pots (right) are stoneware, with a lovely matte glaze finish. There is added detail in the saucers that are a gloss finish. Both pots come with a sauce and a plug for versatility in planting.

Various colours and sizes available. Jump online and order now

Use unique code: OURTRIBE at checkout.  


 * 25% off when you purchase two or more ports. Code also includes Mr Kitly self-watering pots.


Have you checked out our plant of the month? Look at the Ficus Tineke; how beautiful are your hand-painted leaves?! The rubber tree is a fab indoor plant that likes a brightly lit area away from direct sunlight. The large glossy leaves make it a focal point in any room. The ficus doesn’t need a lot of water but will appreciate a dust and also liquid fertiliser when in grow phase.

We highly recommend the Moisturematic device or self-watering pot, which will ensure you don’t over or under water your new addition. Current stock are multi-stem, looking full and lush; planted in 200mm pot (would suit 250mm Mr Kitly).

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