Meet Jacinta

The true talent held by Jacinta and her team at Elsk Botanical is the incredible ability to guide you towards a fresh, beautifully styled and awesomely practical space that you had perhaps not been able to envisage alone. Jacinta can see through the existing pieces, the spaces or the design that is not achieving what you need for your living, and uncover the magic. Elsk will bring all your design dreams to life!

We are here to help!

Do you need guidance with furniture selection? With fabrics? Colours? Pots? Plants? There are so many options on the market today - we can lift the decision-making anxiety from your shoulders and bring you along for the fun part of the ride!

Who do we work with?


Interior designers



The concept

Here at Elsk we love our greenery and we’re strong advocates for how plants can enliven a space, but we are also driven by the bigger picture – and that means furniture, soft furnishings, homewares and how these are all brought together to create the ‘wow’ in your space! Elsk Botanical’s passion for design brings together a love for beautiful botanicals with an eye for style to produce stunning outdoor spaces for your lifestyle.


Based here in Queensland, the team at Elsk Botanical live outdoors for 11 months of the year - so we need our outdoor spaces to work hard for us and we know how to make this happen! We live for a space that is our sanctuary; a space in which we can relax, entertain and create memories.  

The process

Each project brought to the team at Elsk Botanical is unique, and Elsk delights in creating a solution to suit your way of life. As part of the design process, Elsk can help reveal your green thumb – it doesn’t have to be difficult! We start with choosing the best plants for your environment, and share helpful tips for ongoing care, so you can understand how to maintain the look you’re after. An emphasis on aesthetics and design in your plant selection ensures the ‘vibe’ you envisage is brought to life.

How we work

Jacinta and her amazing team work within your existing structure to reveal the full polished potential in styling of your outdoor space. If there is scope for a heavier approach – think ‘hard’ landscaping or structural changes – Jacinta can offer her styling advice and work with her industry trades to pull it all together.

How do we get started?

The first step is reaching out and sharing a bit more about your project. We offer in-home (or business) consultation. We find this is the best way to get to know your project and help scope out how we can help. We will send you a design concept and scope of works after this specific to your needs. Sounds like a good idea? Get in touch here

"We engaged Elsk to inject some greenery into our new store. Amazing! Thank you so much for your help Jacinta, you made the process very smooth and saved me a big job!"

— Alison; Botanica Real Food, Hawthorne

Meet Jacinta

Owner & Creative behind Elsk Botanical 

Growing up in the Hunter Valley on a small hobby farm, Jacinta enjoyed space to roam and plenty of outdoor adventure. Getting her hands dirty in the garden with her mum also inspired Jacinta’s love for plants and her natural skill with plant design and aesthetics.

Jacinta now calls Brisbane home, and when she isn’t styling up a storm for her clients, she and her husband enjoy a busy family life raising their three gorgeous daughters, 15-year-old twins and a 11-year-old, and their fur baby, Buddy.

Although Jacinta’s professional life began as an Occupational Therapist, her natural affinity with design started from a young age. Jacinta’s strong love for beauty, creativity and visual transformations led her to change paths towards a more creative and design driven career, establishing Elsk Botanical in 2018.

Jacinta incorporates a wealth of professional experience and knowledge to her business with her love for creating design solutions and her highly respected professional approach to re-shaping her clients’ environment. Jacinta brings strength to her creative business through her clear understanding of how good, functional design impacts the way her clients use their space and how they want to live in their homes.

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