The true talent held by Jacinta and her team at Elsk Botanical is the incredible ability to guide you towards a fresh, beautifully styled and awesomely practical space that you had perhaps not been able to envisage alone. Jacinta can see through the existing pieces, the spaces or the design that is not achieving what you need for your living, and uncover the unimaginable. Elsk will bring all your design dreams to life!


Outdoor room styling and design

Here at Elsk we love our greenery and we’re strong advocates for how plants can enliven a space, but we are also driven by the bigger picture – and that means furniture, soft furnishings, homewares and how these are all brought together to create the ‘wow’ in your space! Elsk Botanical’s passion for design brings together a love for beautiful botanicals with an eye for style to produce stunning outdoor spaces for your lifestyle.

Based here in Queensland, the team at Elsk Botanical live outdoors for 11 months of the year - so we need our outdoor spaces to work hard for us and we know how to make this happen! We live for a space that is our sanctuary; a space in which we can relax, entertain and create memories. 

Each project brought to the team at Elsk Botanical is unique, and Elsk delights in creating a solution to suit your way of life. As part of the design process, Elsk can help reveal your green thumb – it doesn’t have to be difficult! We start with choosing the best plants for your environment, and share helpful tips for ongoing care, so you can understand how to maintain the look you’re after. An emphasis on aesthetics and design in your plant selection ensures the ‘vibe’ you envisage is brought to life.

Jacinta and her amazing team work within your existing structure to reveal the full polished potential in styling of your outdoor space. If there is scope for a heavier approach – think ‘hard’ landscaping or structural changes – Jacinta can offer her styling advice and work with her industry trades to pull it all together.

At Elsk Botanical, we are big on communication and nailing your brief, however large or small it may be. We can talk through your goals and what you want to see change, so we share a common vision. Through the consultation stage, we check in on your budget, timeframes, spatial orientation and environmental considerations for your project.


Do you need guidance with furniture selection? With fabrics? Colours? Pots? Plants? There are so many options on the market today - we can lift the decision-making anxiety from your shoulders and bring you along for the fun part of the ride! As part of product selection, we provide photos, fabric samples and show-room meetings for furniture trials. Jacinta will sketch your spatial layout, create mood boards to help you visualise the space. We can also help source 3D renders if you need more detail to help visualise the perfect concept design.

The provision of soft furnishing and homeware selection guidance, adds the all-important final layer to a successfully styled space. Elsk Botanical ensures practicality as well as beauty underpins these choices. Elsk knows all about which outdoor fabrics will withstand the sticky-fingered kids and the summer-time pool splashes!

Elsk Botanical specify products that will suit each custom project, searching far and wide through many trusted sources within Australia. We have an in-house curated selection of wares from which we specify where applicable. We coordinate the procurement and delivery of all of these products, and with knowledge of lead time and availability, Elsk will set installation dates, doing all the leg work to coordinate this on your behalf, leaving you to relax on the perfectly styled day-bed by the pool!

Elsk has the access to a plethora of furnishing options, but perhaps you have a special piece in your outdoor room that you LOVE and just need help to bring the rest of the space together in harmony? It may be re-arranging, re-painting, re-imagining how to create the flow and beauty you’re aspiring to. It may be re-potting and plant care to give a new injection of life to the area.

Elsk will create a style that continues to inspire as you live and grow in your space. But if you just cannot find the time to maintain all aspects of your newly styled space, Elsk’s ongoing maintenance service has you covered. Offering tailored packages to suit you, Elsk ensures your greenery is thriving, enlivening your newly styled outdoor room, without the extra stress or hard work.

Elsk’s range of services work with your needs to ensure you’re left with the dream space you’ve been searching for. 

“We all know how busy life can be, and often this is something that is all too hard. Leave the running around and dirty work to us!” Jacinta, Elsk Botanical 

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