Protect Spray with Neem
Protect Spray with Neem
Protect Spray with Neem
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Protect Spray with Neem

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We The Wild Plant Care! Protect plant spray with neem is part of the plant care program to combat common pests, help shine your leaves and protect against the affects of aircon and heating.

Why We The Wild?

- Certified organic

- Made with worms

- Safer for plants, people and pets

- Replicates the biodiversity of nature

- 100% Australian Made

What are those common plant pests you say? Fungal gnats, mealy bugs, aphids, scale, powdery mildew and spider mites to name a few! 

250ml size, approximately 400 doses per bottle. Online support and "how to" available with the unique QR code - start your journey to healthy plants today.