Just Add Plants

  • You have your furniture pieces worked out. We want to elevate this by combining your style with gorgeous botanical vessels and greenery
  • We know you are time poor and are dreaming about an urban oasis.  Perhaps you’ve tried in that past with limited success, and you just don’t know how to make the right selections?  
  • We all know how busy life can be, and often there is an overload of choices! Where do you start? Leave all the headache and running around to us!

How can we help?

  • We can help you create an overall vision for your space
  • Aesthetics is an important factor for plant selection, to create the ‘vibe’ you are looking for. We work with you to get this right!
  • We will assess the environmental considerations to ensure plants are selected based on these factors.
  • We will provide visual concepts and detailed information about recommended plants, pots, products to create the look. 
  • We will provide this information to easily guide you through the process to develop your design now or over time.
  • You will have access to trade pricing with some suppliers for plants, and pots.
  • Elsk will be available for any questions, problem solving, design discussions at a time that is mutually agreed each week, so that we can stay connected throughout the process

How does the process work? 

PHASE #1; we will meet face-to-face once during this time:        

  1. DISCOVERY: I’ll send out a questionnaire so I can gain more information to understand your home environment, how you use your space, and what you are hoping to create, an idea of your budget. I’ll review this before we meet and it will allow us to focus on what is really important to make the most of our face-to-face time together
  2. CONSULTATION: During the on-site consultation, we will discuss your ideas and goals for your unique project. We will talk about your budget and the size/scale of the project. We will assess the environmental conditions present – including light, ventilation, size, and aesthetics. This will ensure our plant and product recommendations will work within your space.
  3. MOODBOARD: We will send you a visual guide to the design brief (as discussed in the consult). We will keep coming back to this to guide all decisions that we make in future selections. If for some reason this does not capture your heart, one further revision is included.
  4. DESIGN: We will provide you with a full visual list of plants, products, specifications, costs, and lead times for all recommended products, within your budget. We will demonstrate how these will fit within your space and the intended layout. We will provide you with samples of products (where relevant) and arrange showroom visits to view products (as needed/relevant).We can arrange 3D rendering as an optional extra at this stage. One revision to the design is included, if within the same scope. 

PHASE #2     

  1. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We will coordinate procurement of all products. We will liaise with the various companies and coordinate a timeline. We will communicate updates with you through our regular weekly contact, where we can problem solve any issues together.
  2. INSTALLATION and HANDOVER: We will coordinate the installation of all products and plants; styling your space! Plants will be potted with premium potting mix and pots installed with pot feet or felt (indoors), care is taken to ensure that all rubbish is removed, and site is clean and tidy. Education is provided at handover to support the ongoing care of plants. Elsk is also here to provide ongoing support available as needed.

Full-service cost is: $2200 (incl. GST)