Plant Care Tips for Winter

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As winter knocks on our door, more than ever, it is so nice to bring the outside in with lush green foliage! Over the colder months just like us, our plant friends like to slow down. With that, their needs change a little. We have five top tips to make sure they stay happy and healthy.

Tip #1 – Watering + Humidity

Water sparingly! Your indoor plants will need a lot less water in the colder months. Ensure you check if the soil is dry before adding any water. You can do this by pressing your finger into the soil, if you feel any moisture or damp, no water is needed. If the soil is completely dry add some water. Also be sure to check the water tray after watering and tip out any excess water so that your plants aren’t sitting in a pool causing root rot. Of course, if you are using the fabulous Mr Kitly self-watering pots, ignore the above advice! Water from the base of the pot as per usual (see Pots & Planters)

If you have the heating cranked up high all day or your plants are near the reverse cycle air conditioner, create some humidity by placing a dish of water close by the plant and misting the plant occasionally. Simply use a clean (new is best) plastic spray bottle to mist the plants occasionally with water, counteracting the dryness created by heaters. Another great option is using a MoistureMatic self-watering device in the side of your pot (see Accessories). This is like connecting a water bottle to your pot which will draw water as needed, ensuring that you don’t under or over water (provided you fill the water bottle that is!).

Tip #2 – Let there be light!

The days are getting shorter and the way to sunshine hits our home changes during winter (have you ever noticed that?). Some spaces will become darker during winter and others will get the long afternoon sun streaming in. Where possible, move your plants around so that they are still getting the amount of light they need (I know, this is a tough call…. you have them styled in the perfect position…. but trust me, your plants will thank you!).

Tip #3 - The right location

It’s hard for us Queenslander’s to believe, but for some of you, the winter conditions will be freezing (while we enjoy sunny and 24 degrees most winter days; “beautiful one day, perfect the next”…. okay, enough rubbing it in!). If your plants are beside the window, make sure those leaves done touch or they may shiver (and experience thermal shock just like we would), the leaves may brown and fall off. Similarly, your plant base will be affected if the floor is too hot or cold. Consider moving away from the heater, placing on a rug or plant stand.

Tip #4 – Dust those leaves

Your indoor plants need a little help to maximise photosynthesis. Simply wipe the leaves clean with a damp cloth and check again every few weeks. This will help your plant breath! Note: if you would like to cheat – pop your plant in the shower recess and hose it down (be sure to allow the pot to drain and dry out before watering again)!

Tip #5 – Check for pests

Warm, dry conditions are just perfect for pests to reside in your houseplants. Check the soil and leaves when watering or dusting to make sure you don’t have an invasion! Remember to check under the leaves and be sure to quarantine any plants with bug infestation.


If you would like any help with your indoor plants, please drop me a line at If you would like help creating the indoor plant jungle, I would be so happy to help! Specialising in plant styling, for me it is all about using plants and beautiful botanical vessels to maximise the visual impact. The numerous benefits of having greenery in your space is just another massive bonus!

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